Portfolio Category: Ceremonies

Pet Ceremonies

Your pet is often an integral member of the family whose death should be treated with both dignity and respect.  I can support your personal and emotional journey providing a professional and caring funeral service that will allow you to reflect, grieve and celebrate the life of your cherished and...

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Funeral & Memorial Services

If you find yourself grieving for a loved one, I offer you my deepest condolences. I am passionate about providing a bespoke planning service to assist you during the funeral process so that the wishes, philosophies and beliefs held by you and those of your loved one are followed to...

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Divorce Ceremonies

It is a sad fact of life that no matter how hard partners try, not all unions work or will last forever.  When a relationship comes to an end, it can be a sad and difficult time for all those involved, especially if the decision is made by someone else. ...

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Adoption & Family Blending Ceremonies

Adoption and Family Blending ceremonies are a great way of supporting newly formed family unions and easing the transition.

Due to their previous living arrangements, older adopted children may in particular have difficulty in believing that they now have a permanent home and suffer with feelings that are associated...

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