Weddings & Partnerships

As your Celebrant, my goal is to deliver a wedding ceremony that is an extension and reflection of who you are.  I will discuss every detail with you so we can integrate your vision, absolute essentials and preferred rituals such as the wording for your vows, readings and input from your guests.  We can take elements and rituals from your background and weave in your personal beliefs, cultural traditions or your religious principles to create a ceremony that is unique, touching and tailored to you.

To be legally married in England and Wales, you need to complete the three basic legal requirements in front of a Registrar.  You are then free to have a memorable Celebrant led occasion which will give you the freedom to hold your ceremony wherever and whenever you like – you are only limited by your imagination.  A ceremony can be held in your garden, in a hot air balloon, in a stately manor, on the beach- the possibilities are endless!

I am passionate about you enjoying your special day and will work closely with you to ensure your ceremony is memorable.

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