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Death, dying, tea and cake…

So what is a Death Café??? – Er actually did you say ‘Deaf Café’ or ‘Death Cafe’? ‘You heard correctly, I said ‘DEATH Café, Death Café as in dying’. I then commonly see many shrink back in horror and look at me as though I am the Grim Reaper! Once I explain that Death Cafés […]

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Leading up to the funeral I could hardly remember anything.  With the patchy information given, Debi was able to carry out her own research and pull together something that was so poignant, memorable and fitting for my mother.  I am so grateful to her for the service, everyone loved it.

Sam W.

Thank you. That was most moving service I’ve ever attended.

Sue T.

You told the story of his life beautifully, you even taught the extended family a thing or two about his background!

Marjorie S.

That was lovely.  A beautiful service, Debi has definitely got something special.

Andrew F.

I met Debi for the first time at my friends funeral. I thought she was a member of the family or a close friend as she was so connected and empathic whilst guiding us through the service. She is warm and sensitive, intuitive and real. She was an encouraging comfort to us on that day.

Kylie G.

After watching her lead my sister’s funeral service, I’ve told Debi I’m putting it in my will for her to do mine. The service was beautiful.

Debbie A.

I could not believe that Debi didn’t know the deceased, I honestly would have guessed they were old friends!

Sydney F.

Debi gently guided us through the process of planning the funeral. She was considered, respectful and kind.

Sharon W.

Debi officiated at the non-religious service for our recently passed dear friend. The service was incredibly touching, well pace and constructed. Debi has a warm, calming and engaging presence that connected deeply with the entire congregation. Her voice is very soothing and clear. The service was personal and inclusive; she actively responded to the mood throughout allowing people to come up and pay their tributes, both planned and spontaneous. During the difficult days in the run up to the service, Debi contacted several people and was able to insightfully present a beautiful picture of our dear friend, without having met them. Everyone felt very comforted during the service which Debi conducted. Thank you Debi!

Nick R.

Although my mother’s death was expected I felt stunned, strangely in shock barely able to think clearly. I was fortunate to contact Debi Roberts who with her brilliant understanding, helpful, patient accommodating and empathic approach, was able to gain an accurate understanding of my mother’s youthful and diverse personality and then perfectly strike the exact tone my mother always said she’d wanted at her funeral; a perfect balance of poignancy, celebration and remembrance.

Everyone commented on how lovely the service was and how much they felt my mothers vibrant personality shinning through, I would confidently recommend Debi to anyone

Chantelle S.

‘I attended a funeral recently and Debi really impressed me leading the service. She came across as kind, knowledgable, compassionate and created a really mindful and uplifting atmosphere at the funeral. I would definitely feel happy in the knowledge that Debi was leading the service when it’s my turn to pass away :)’

Tony C.